• Connect to an exclusive network of the most successful entrepreneurs in China

  • Receive authoritative views and analysis on industries such as internet, media, technology and consumer products

  • Leading business consultants and partners for developing operations in China

  • Capture attractive merger and acquisition opportunities along with our partners

Mr. Jack MA
Co-founder and Chairman of Board of Alibaba Group
Co-Founder of Yunfeng Capital
Mr. David YU
Co-founder and Chairman of Yunfeng Capital
Member of the Board of Fudan University
About us
      Established in early 2010 and named after our co-founders Mr. Jack MA (Yun), Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, and Mr. David YU (Feng), founder of Target Media, Yunfeng is a private equity firm started by a group of successful entrepreneurs and influential industry leaders. 

The investment team of Yunfeng Capital is familiar with capital markets domestically and abroad. The features of the team are as follow:
Combines investment and management expertise, possesses strong long-term project management skills, corporate investment experience as well as